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In 2000 I decided to take my Project Management Certification to advance my career.  I could not get any of the companies I was working for to pay for the PMI (Project Management Institute) certification to the next best thing being offered locally was the Learning Tree University.  I knew the school well as it was where I used to teach Windows 3.0 & 3.1 as well as DBase III, and Microsoft Word classes.

They had a great teacher and fortunately for me the just as I completed and graduated from the year long course it was picked up by the PMI and recognized as an equal.  But as it was the prior year they would not issue us PMI certificates.

The class was long and hard but well worth it.  Our teacher was not going to let anything slide, we worked out of the PMI study book and used all their material.  We had a lot of homework, which included reading at least 3 reviews and writing counter reviews of what went wrong, why, and how should it have gone.  A lot of reading and writing each week, and all that was on top of working a full week, usually 50-60hours too.

To complete, and compliment, the PMI segment of the course the Learning Tree University also require that we pass the Microsoft Project software certification in order to get the final certification, this was not require by the PMI for their certification.  MS Project was not an easy software program to learn so I buddied up with a class member from the CPM group and we studied and took the MS exams together.  It was great support to have each other to lean on when we needed a little nudging.  We were told that no-one passes the MS Project exam first time in fact most students have to take it 5 or 6 times before they get a high enough score to pass.  And yes we were in the average group as we failed miserable the first time and the second but we both worked hard and made it on the 3rd attempt.

I passed my Certification at the end of 2000 and proudly walked out with a certificate for the Project Management and for Microsoft Project 2000.

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