Going Digital

Life after Analog

I took this job because I was really tired of programming but  knew that I still enjoyed being around and working with them.  I also knew I had a talent for computers and knew I could still put that to work for me.

So after a couple of interviews I got the job as a 2nd level support technician for Kinkos in their Ventura headquarters.  Perfect I could almost walk to work, I did actually ride my bicycle a couple of days a week just to stay in shape.  It was tough at first but I soon got the hang of it and really started to enjoy the environment and people and job.

Kinkos had just been bought out by FedEx but we were fortunate that our department was going to be one of the last to be merged.  I ended up being there for over a year.

The last few months was when FedEx started to offer the employees a generous transfer bonus.  Which included relocation costs, not bad if you wanted to live in a suburb of Dallas!  Several of my cohorts took the weekend trips to visit the new location and scope out housing, schooling etc.  Some took the offer as for a young couple it was a good offer.  They were offered to keep their California wages, which were higher than the Dallas wages at the time but would forfeit any raises for a year or two.

In the end most of the people who did take the offer returned to California as they could not stand the extremely hot summers.  I had seen videos on the news of frying eggs on the sidewalks.  So many of the reports I had read before they all left was the there was a high degree of alcoholism and drug usage.  Mainly due to the high heat and boredom, people being stuck in the own homes with nothing to do but drink, eat and do drugs to get through the days and nights of 100+ degree heat.  Not my idea of fun either!  I felt sorry for all the young couples lured by the higher wages, lost cost of housing, and good schools that were now stuck there with little or no way to ever return to California to live without great sacrifice and hardship.



Created by Phillip Seaman
Modified 10/28/2015