A Face From The Past

It is standard practice for us to watch for new boats arriving in the anchorage and watch who is leaving. On such an occasion we noticed a small 27 foot Bristol Channel Cutter pull into the anchorage right next to us. We noticed that the skipper appeared to be single handling her. For some time after that we talked about how one manages on their own and how much we respect their ability to be out doing what they like doing best and willing to do on their own. For me, I cannot fathom such an adventure.

Later the same day, we had someone knock on our hull. When we poked our head aboard, we were shocked to see Mike from 'Tunsa'. We had met Mike on our shakedown cruise more than two years prior. Mike was docked next to us in San Diego while we were re-wiring Mouse Pad's charging system. Mike was, at that time, just embarking on his cruise. On our last night in San Diego we fixed a roast beef dinner and invited Mike to join us. We had a wonderful evening sharing sailing experiences. We departed, wishing Mike well and often wondered how he was doing. Well we now had the opportunity to see for ourselves. Mike was still cruising and recognized Mouse Pad in the anchorage. Mike had also brought some freshly caught tuna as a token of thanks for the meal in San Diego. We were flabbergasted to see Mike again. We had a wonderful visit. We also had three wonder meals from the tuna that he had brought to us.

Mike's cruising plans, coincidentally, were similar to ours so we knew that we would be spending some time together over the next few months.

Party Number One - Rock 'N Roll Style
Party Number Two - Marquisen Style


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