This not really a Before & After page but will be the beginning of any additional, changes, upgrades etc I have performed on Mouse Pad to make this next cruise even more comfortable and safer than Cruise 97 was.  I just could not come up with a better phrase or word which gave the same feeling, besides it follows the original Cruise 97 web site.
Keep coming back to this page and check for additions and stories.  If you send me an email I will add you to my email list and keep you informed of any changes to this page or anywhere on the site.

These pages are going to be a growing section and will not be completed till well after I am into the cruise... if then even?  I hope you will be patient with me as I may not be as instant or complete as some people might like. 

If you see anything that you don't understand or I have not given as complete an explanation as you think I should have or I was just plain too complicated or stupid with my description, then send me an email and ask.


Phillip J.



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