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Were did it all start...British Sea Cadet Corps

Well that has to be when I was a young boy who just got kicked out of the Boy Scouts (don't remember what for) and my mother said you should belong to something!  It wasn't long before I started to realize where my surname comes from and to live up to it.  I joined the Sea Cadet Core.  I actually did enjoy being part of the organization, although the uniform was a very old design and was scratchy and itchy to wear.  It was one of the few times in my life where I actually enjoyed the structure and activities and worked my way through the ranks up to Leading Seaman before I found me second love... music!  But that's another story to be found elsewhere.

In these pages I will try to convey how I got started in sailing and how it never left my lifestyle from England as a youngster to the US and sailing the "Milk Run" across the South Pacific in 1997 aboard my own 36ft Islander "Mouse Pad".

The SCC taught me to love the water from canoeing to sailing and everything in between.  I have never lost that love.

After I found music I didn't stop taking every opportunity to go sailing, and in England that usually means the English Channel.  Not a pretty place to sail!  The channel can turn on you in just a few minutes, it taught me to be prepared for anything and any time.  In amongst the mix of weather is all those big cargo ships coming and going, and of course they have the right of way.  Well they were big to me!



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