My new head sail arrangement was installed in 2008...
Double Head Sails
As you can see I have added a second roller furling system as an inner sail.
The main (forward) furling system is a ProFurl, with a new 145% Tri-Radial Hi-Tech North Sail (Made in New Zealand)
The inner system is actually the original Mariner furling system with the 110% (re-cut) hank-on sail I had made but never worked.  It is now a 100% which will reef down to about 70%, made or heavy (8.5oz) Dacron.
Double Head Sail
Double Head Sail
This view shows the new deck fitting I had installed to support the inner stay. It is backed with 3/4" marine play which covers the entire under deck space, and sealed in.
There is also a stainless steel turnbuckle behind that coupling it to an external stainless steel plate just below the original head place.  The makes for a complete system connecting the U-Bolt on the deck all the way through the deck, the chain locker and the bow of the boat.  This setup is actually and almost duplicate of the original forward jib plate.
The new arrangement makes sailing and sail change a breeze as all you have to do is furl your main job and open out the 100% and off you go.  I have had the boat out in 35+kts of wind and it sailed beautifully with full main and a slightly reefed inner jib.  What a ride that was!

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