I had always been tired of doing the bright-work on the hand rails on the cabin top and the eyebrow teak runners along the cabin top. 

The purpose of the wywbrow was simpley cosmetic these days.  It used to be there to direct the water away from the opening brass port-holes.  Now long since it's purpose had been part of history not functionality.

A teak hand rail is a beautiful thing to see but a huge pain in the your know what if you are the one who has to keep it looking that way.  Teak hand rails need to be worked on about every 3-4 months and that is a lot of sanding in small difficult places to get into.


The solution to both these issues is the almost eh same... First remove the hand rails.  Second install stainless steel hand-rails.  Third, remove the eyebrows.  Fourth, fill the holes and paint over the plugs.


The new look is modern, clean and no maintenance.