How old is too old?

No boat is too old to go cruising.  We have seen boats that are brand new old to 40 year old boats side by side.  I actually believe that the older boats were far better built that today's boats.


As long as she is sound and in seaworthy condition and you are capable and able to repair her then she is young enough to go cruising.  There an awful lot of home made boat out here cruising around too.   Most are plywood of steel built in France or English back yards.  These people really know there boats.  Most took 10 years to build there dream boats and know every inch or mm of them.


You must be prepared, able and capable to repair your vessel. This is true of any age boat, new or old. But most especially the older craft. The older she is the less likely you are to find parts. They therefore must be fabricated. You would then have to be a carpenter, a welder, an electrician, etc. When you go cruising you naturally become most of these and more, but you must be especially prepared with the older boat since there is often no manufacturer to fall back on for support, or even the specifications of a part. You will have to become wise in all things, or at least you must think so! Also be prepared to ask for help. We have had to do this several times with me electrical problem. We would like to think that the series of changes and test that we are presently going through will resolve my problem once and for all. As Jerry will testify to I become a "Class A, Number 1 Bitch" when I start trying to resolve our electrical problems. She is "smarter than the average bear", she just gets up and goes to the other end of the boat or leaves!

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