One Week of Hell

March 30, 1997 (Sunday)


Ninth day and we've come full circle. It is cool and windy. We are relaxing in the salon asking ourselves what we should do today. This, I’m sure, sounds pretty normal for ‘cruising’ life. Well we've added a new twist. Our location is Marina del Rey1 ‘again’. We are at the guest docks waiting for a delivery.

We called my daughter and asked her to pick us up so we can have use of our car while we are back. We got up early the next morning and headed to the British Consulate office. Once there, we were presented with a form that must be completed and mailed to Washington, D.C. We were not too happy to learn that we had returned just to pick up a form. We completed the form and sent it off to Washington, D.C7. with the necessary funds for priority processing. We will pick up the express mail package at Downwind Marine once we arrive in San Diego.

We called the GlobeTOR representative and advised him of our return. We asked him to make another attempt at the installation of the system. We also asked him to bring along Kamtronics Kamplus system just in case the new modem did not resolve the GlobeTOR problems. Well another technical challenge be-fronts us. As you would guess, the modem did not work and we still did not have an E-mail system. We then proceeded to box up the system and go for the more expensive version (Kamplus). Unfortunately, the rep forgot to bring all of the necessary accessories to perform this installation. We then decided that the problem was more than likely the single side band radio. Let’s go to the local radio shop and check out our options. After careful analysis and several telephone conversations with the technical support staff at the radio manufacturing facilities, we decided to upgrade our Kenwood 707 SSB to an SGC2000 PowerTalk. This radio reportedly had many of the features that were lacking on the Kenwood 707 including the required switching speed. We took a real beating on the trade-in of our three month-old Kenwood 707. We received our new radio the next day. We asked our local radio installation expert, Jerry Davis, to visit Mouse Pad and check out the radio to ensure that we had not installed it incorrectly and to make sure that everything was functioning properly. It took Jerry about 30 minutes to determine that we had received a defective radio. He worked his magic by contacting SGC directly and getting authorization for another unit to be shipped to him. The next day Jerry returned with our second SGC radio. He again performed his magic and installed the unit. After he left, we began familiarizing ourselves with our new toy. We played most of the remainder of the day.

We spent the rest of the day visiting West Marine as many times as humanly possible, made a few more trips to the market for food, returned our car to it’s storage facility and prepared for our second departure.


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