It's Party Time!!

Party Number One - Rock 'N Roll Style

Mouse Pad has had this chronic battery charging problem that has frustrated the skipper to no end. This problem has been the source of many anchorage conversations. Needless to say several other skippers have offered advice and sympathy to help rectify the charging problems. It seems that the batteries either never get fully charged or they are not holding the charge. On one sunny afternoon Phill was discussing this problem with Lee from 'Flying Lady'. Lee said that Mike from 'Southern Cross' was pretty knowledgeable about charging systems and may be able to help. Well one thing led to another and Phill invited Mike and his wife, Adriana to come over to Mouse Pad for a beer or two. Mike and Adriana came by later but chose to bring their own liquid refreshments. Mouse Pad did, however, provide the ice cubes for the drinks. While everyone sat in the cockpit and shared cruising experiences, Phill slipped down below and put on some music. He wowed everyone with his surround-sound and his Bose speaker system. The next thing we know, everyone is down below and is going through Phill's music library. I think all 800 music CD's were out of their sleeve at some point during this evening. There were a lot of memories that surfaced as different music was played. Phill was a true disk jockey that night. His knowledge of music and bands was challenged but he never failed to name a tune or the band in question.

It seemed the more rum and coke that was consumed, the better the music sounded. We often wonder if the other boats had benefit of the concert that was being played on Mouse Pad. She was sure rock 'n and Rollin that night. I had a lot of fun watching the three music buffs share their younger years with each other and watch the excitement as a special song or group surfaced. Mike and Adriana were fighting over the CD albums. I decided that we needed some of this evening on film. I grabbed the camera and caught the ideal picture. What do you think Adriana was doing here?

Adriana grabbing Phill's butt

As the evening wore on, Phill finally got to Pink Floyd, his favorite of all favorites. Mike and Adriana are also fans. Phill put on Pink's latest (Pulse) and turned out the lights. Mike, Phill and I found nice comfy spots on the couches and Adriana lay on the floor and we let the music take over.

Mike & Adriana (Southern Cross I)

The next morning we inquired into the health and welfare of Mike and Adriana. Mike reported that he woke up to discover Adriana missing. She apparently slept in the cockpit. She had gotten up at 5 AM and prepared herself some mashed potatoes and soup. What a breakfast! She also said that she wasn't feeling so great. Wonder if it was something that she ate?


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