The British rules for small boat registration changed over the last year and I had to re-register Mouse Pad under Part I rules.  Basically it is similar to the American Coast Guard Documented vessel.  As such I had to have the boat measured for tonnage of cargo (don't ask me) and put the name, registration numbers and home port on the transom.
In the process of preparing for that I found that I really needed to re-paint the transom from scratch.  It came out great and I like it.
You will notice that I changed the Home port or port of registration as Mouse Pad is now under Part I registration in Great Britain I had to use a known port not just any town.  I chose Teignmouth, Devon.  It has 2 special meanings for me.  1- My grandfather (on my fathers side) retired there back in the late 50's so I got to spend my summers there.  Also my grand-mother on my mothers side had a cottage (Rose Cottage) on the other side of the estuary (Shaldon) for a many years. 2 - one of the original solo-round-the-world sailors used Teignmouth as his starting point, about the same time I was growing up there (1968)
Port of Call


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