How much storage do I need?

Enough storage is never enough.  Lets look at that a little closer.  Well we need food and spare parts for just about everything, as there isn't a West Marine in every harbor.  In fact there are only 2 places after we left Mexico that I can recall that had a chandlery.  They would be Tahiti and Raiatea.  Next stop New Zealand.  We took a close look at each of these with surprising results.


From all the reading we had done, it seemed that we would need enough food for the two of us for at least three to six months.  We hoped to be able to catch a few fish along the way.  That meant that we would need a lot of canned and dried stuff, such as instant potatoes (we found fresh potatoes in every village store), drinks, such as sodas ( we found coke etc. on every street corner). lots of canned vegetables (we found lots of canned foods in every village store), snack food such as potato chips etc. (we found them in every village store), butter and dried or canned milk (we found long lasting milk and canned butter (no refrigeration required until opened) in every village store). As you can see there was no need to carry that much food on board.  We could have saved the water line.  We would suggest that you carry at least the basics for a month or so in case of emergency.  The rest can be obtained locally.  Ships arrive at each island on average every two weeks or so. In French Polynesia the French government has promised that every Island and atoll will have an airport before their contract is up in 2003.  It is rumored that the French will remain there beyond 2003.  We are not sure how the French government feels about this but the locals are split in there desire to have them stay on or not.  That will have to be another page... politics! Oh, by the way the fishing wasn't so successful.   We caught fish in Mexico, the Marquises and the Cooks.  Other boats were more successful than us.  I learned a lot about fishing when we spent the most wonderful time on Palmerston Island in the Cook Islands.  They taught me how to catch fish the Palmerston way, and believe me I caught some real fish there.  A couple of 50lb Yellow Fin Tuna amongst the best.  They also showed me the rig to use.  (See the pictures in the photo album of the lure and how to make it.) Spare Parts This is one of the hardest questions to answer.   It will depend very much on the equipment you are carrying.  The engine will need oil and filters.  We took enough for an oil change every 200 nmls..  We also changed the fuel filter at that time.  Others changed their oil every 100 nmls.   Do not expect to find filters or oil available.  Oil is available in some places but it would be prudent to carry your own.  We carried very little in the way of other engine parts.  Since I had replaced the original alternator (with built in regulator) with an oversized one with a separate regulator, I took the old working one as a spare.  We made the mistake of not carrying a spare regulator.  We will next time.  We will install a regulator to control the voltage to the field if the regulator goes out.  We will carry more inline fuse holders as they deteriorate very quickly in the atmosphere here.  More large nuts and bolts, we did have enough small ones.  We carried spares for the stove, pressure water system, etc.  (We will try to put a database together at some time later.)  Don't be caught out.   Cruises are a friendly lot and are more than willing to come over and help fix anything, except the head.  They will give, or lend, you any part they have.  I found this type of friendship nowhere else.  People out here are very much a different breed and I could spend the rest of my life out.  I am working hard or trying to solve that problem.

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