Baie Taahuku

Wednesday , June 4,1997

As we rounded the east end of the island we noticed several coconuts floating by. We knew we were in paradise. We were also welcomed by a group of dolphins. We noticed that they were smaller in size than we were used to seeing in southern California. Dolphins seem to be a good omen for us. They escort us out of major harbors and typically welcome us at new ports.

Our first day on land in three weeks! We did not do our normal comatose sleep routine. We spent some time cleaning Mouse Pad (putting away all of the stuff that we had been too lazy to deal with under way and pumping up the dinghy and getting it in the water). Shortly after we arrived, a French customs boat visited us. They handed us a customs declaration form and asked if they could come aboard. Not be rude, but we asked if they minded if we got a little bit organized first. They had no problem with this. They merely left the form and said they would be by later to help us clear customs. As this was our first port of call in foreign waters, we were not sure what to expect. We thought that the visit from the customs boat would be standard procedure from this point on. As it turned out, the presence of the customs boat just happened to be in port at the time of our arrival. They move from island to island but are based out of Papeete, Tahiti.

Clearing French Polynesia Customs

Checking Into Our First South Pacific Port
Playing Tourist

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