I knew what I wanted in Mouse Pad from the beginning.   What we didn't know was how to put it in? What order to put it in?  Where to put it? And how much would it cost?  Well the cost thing was easy.  We just picked up the West Marine "toy" catalog.  Put it together with the list of things and BINGO you have the "How Much?" answered.  The toy book has just about everything you will ever need.  It also has some great helpful hints and tips about such things as anchors and how to use them, alternators and how to use them, and a lot more.


Now for the list of things to add to "Mouse Pad";

Item Manufacturer
Radar Furuno
Solar Panels Kyocera
Wind Generator Air Marine from Southwest Windpower
Dodger Phill
Autopilot Autohelm
HF/SSB Radio SGC 2000 PowerTalk
Water Maker The Little Wonder from Offshore Marine
Propane Stove Force 10
Extra Insulation for Fridge C & P Marine
Redesign Interior Phill
New 115% Sail OMSails
ReRig (standing & running)

Fred Huffman Rigging (standing) - Phill (running)



There are many other item not listed here that we added.   Such as three GPS's, a life raft (packed with a VHF radio and GPS inside), two HF/SSB radios, extra flare kits, Bose speakers for the surround sound Aiwa stereo, a 14" colour TV (12volt DC/120 volt AC), 800+ music CD's, 180+ movies on 8mm (the VHS were to bulky and heavy), a digital camera, an 8mm camera, an 8mm VCR, a Pfaff 130 sewing machine (for sail and canvas repair), assorted deep sea fishing equipment, etc., just to name a few things we took along.


Now that I had decided on what and how much, it now rested on where, which prompted the order.


All the items listed above are considered to be mandatory, or minimal on cruising today's cruising boat.  They are all basic safety items.   Some people may disagree with me but I hardly saw a boat without all of these on board.  Some went further, they added washing machines and dryers.  They found that with the beautiful weather they never used there dryers.  They are very costly on the batteries and they all said they didn't want to run their engine that long.

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