I did the research and was no better off.  I took into consideration the size of the rotor, the blade size and of course the claimed output.   All the wind generators boasted similar outputs.  I then did more research.   I ended up going for price with the best output and size.  There didn't seem to be much in it so I decided on the Air Marine.  It did appear to be the best for the buck.  I also got a good price from West Marine.  That helped.  West Marine also had a mounting kit that would work perfectly as part of my tower arrangement.

Once out on the ocean we had problems with the unit.   The problems were consistent with other cruisers.  The blades are extremely fragile.  The tips will brake off and the trailing edges will chip.  This puts the blades out of balance and you will have to take them off and file them down to match.   You can chop off at least 4 inches and they will continue to put out just as good as new.  They are even quieter when cut down.  The horrible whistling noise goes away. We have been through several sets of blades.  I have been informed by the manufacturers of the Air Marine wind generator, Southwest Windpower, that they have had problems with the blades and are no longer selling them separately but in balanced sets.   I am not sure if they have beefed them up to stop them from chipping and braking.

I must admit although I am less than completely satisfied with this product it is the most common wind generator that I saw on all the cruising boats.


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