In March/April of 2016 we attended the FMA (03/28-04/02) and then the FCOC (04/06-04/10) rallies at the Fortuna De Oro RV & Golf Resort in Yuma, Az.

These two rallies are held each year back to back as 80% of RV's are built on Freightliner chassis that means that most of the Fleetwood now RAV motor-home classes are built on Freightliner frames.

There were about 180 coaches at the FMA rally and almost the same number at the FCOC rally following that.  Lots of vendors fighting for our business and pocketbooks.  Some had good products that were RV specific other were just good  stuff.  RV World of Yuma had a good display and sold 5 coaches during the FMA rally and another 4 on the FCOC rally... someone had some extra cash laying around! wink

Unfortunately for us, the attendees, the same venders were present at both rallies so there was little to offer during the second week over the first.  I was a bit disappointed that Freightliner and Fleetwood didn't offer more seminars on their respective products. 



The FMA rally was a huge success with lots of food, and the kept us all very busy with a full schedule of seminars from various vendors.  A lot of good information was spread out over the week.  I ended up buying a new air filter system and a new turbo exhaust muffler in the hope that I will be able to get 1 mile per gallon extra out of my Mouse Pad II.  1 mile per gal is a huge advantage if I can keep my big fat foot off the throttle peddle! I have not done enough miles yet to know for sure so the jury is still out on this one.  I also purchased a new Shore power protection system, especially after my 120vAC wiring system burn up at the KOA in Acton a couple of months ago.

Fleetwood(RAV) sent a factor rep with a trailer who had lots of parts and 2 mechanics who were available to fix as much as they could.  Labor was FREE and you only had to pay for the parts used.  If you were smart or someone who had the foresight to send them an email with a problem they would bring the appropriate parts with them.



Freightliner sent a 40ft trailer with lots of parts and information to disseminate to everyone.  There was a couple of chassis experts that came along with the rig to help us all get answers to all our problems.  And They did get me an answer to everyone of my queries... thanks guys.  One of which was my ride height and how it would affect my road handling and comfort etc.  The answer was that it is very important to all aspects of driving and the handling of my coach.  They even told me I needed a 7/16 wrench to adjust the ride height and how to adjust it too.  Now that I am back I have found out that I am set at 9in when it should be 10 1/4in... so it needs raising up over an inch.  That could make a big difference to the comfort and drivability.

They also assured me that the 1,200lb difference between the drivers and passenger side of my back axle was not something to be overly concerned about.  The air bags will balance that out as designed, as long as the ride height is correct.


This all helped me and will help me to get the most out of my Discovery, I hope it helps you too.


Posted by Phillip Seaman Sunday, April 17, 2016 11:28:00 AM Categories: FCCC/FCOC Fleetwood FMA Freightliner Motor-Home Rally RAV RV RV Park Yuma, Az.
(c)2016 Phillip J. Seaman


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This blog is all about my travels in the year 2016 and what it took to prepare my coach for the trips ahead, long or short.  I am a very pro-active person and will spend a lot of time and effort on making sure that when I leave on a trip no matter how long or short that not only is the coach but I am ready for any eventuality.

I have had the coach modified/upgraded over the last 3 years with all the luxuries that I want to make my trip(s) as comfortable as I want, not necessary need!  Each year there seems to be more items added to that list as technology improves some items or new ones become available or within my budget.

Before I leave home I have multiple destinations mapped out just in case.  I stock the coach as though I would not be coming back.  I have my mechanic go through the coach checking all fluids and system for leaks and levels etc.

My objective is to have an uneventful trip that I come back from with a smile on my face and fond memories in my heart.


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