Well we finally made it to Fortuna De Oro RV Resort in Yuma, Az.

The trip was not as uneventful as expected.  First we intended to stop at a state park in Beaumont but due to starting out several hours later than I wanted we were too late to get there before sunset and the gates closing.  So I decided that the next best thing would be to just keep going and when we got to the Palm Springs area we could stop at the Flying J truck stop and bed down for the night there.  Unfortunately we were passed the exit before we noticed the big Flying J sign and it was 15 miles to the next exit.  I figured that I was awake now and had enough fuel to make it to Yuma.

BUt before we even got that far there was very strong winds before we got to the Palm Springs area and continued well passed.  It got so bad that the winds were kicking up sand storms where visibility was reduced.  We went from 60 to 50 then 40 and then 30 and then 20 mph.  For a short while I we all had our emergency flashers on and was the only thing I could see of the tanker truck in front of me.  We all came to a grinding halt when I could barely see the trucks emergency flashers and I knew he was no more than 6ft in front of me.  After a few short scary minutes we all started to crawl along again slowly picking up speed.  Then we turned a bend and... NOTHING!  No wind, no blowing sand, just clean sky's, we all picked up speed and got back to normal, cautiously!   Earlier when we were just outside of Palm Springs the awning over the slide out kept unrolling and slamming against the roof making a sound like nothing else and so loud I thought the roof was caving in.  This happened time and time again.  I knew from experience that there was noting I could do to stop it baring tying it down with rope of bungee.  Neither was for sure either!  So we plodded along getting the heck slapped out of us, all the while hoping that it didn't tear itself off.

We stopped at a truck stop so I could get something to eat and a cup of coffee.  Bad move the struck stop was a fuel stop and not a truck stop that had this one huge building in the middle of nowhere that only had junk food, slices of pizza, premade Mexican food and row upon row of potato chips and candy.  Disappointedly I left empty handed.  Anne had been walking the dogs while I went in to refueled my body, we all climbed back into the coach and I made a nice cup of tea and settled in for the rest of the drive to Yuma, Az.

Now with the wind and unrolling awning behind us we could get back up to speed, I set the cruise control to 63 mph with the new Mini in tow.  The rest of the trip was uneventful and everything else worked fine.  The tea made the rest of the trip manageable.

We arrived late, about 1:30am and could not find a guard or check in office anywhere... se after doing 2 tours of the park in the car we decided to just park in the first empty space we could find and get some sleep.  There was not problem finding a space and there was an entire area of about 100 spaces empty... we took the end one, closed up and went to bed.

What happened in the morning you will have to read another segment or chapter of this adventure about.


Posted by Phillip Seaman Sunday, April 17, 2016 8:26:00 AM Categories: Adventures FCCC/FCOC FMA Motor-Home Rally The Trip Yuma, Az.
(c)2016 Phillip J. Seaman


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This blog is all about my travels in the year 2016 and what it took to prepare my coach for the trips ahead, long or short.  I am a very pro-active person and will spend a lot of time and effort on making sure that when I leave on a trip no matter how long or short that not only is the coach but I am ready for any eventuality.

I have had the coach modified/upgraded over the last 3 years with all the luxuries that I want to make my trip(s) as comfortable as I want, not necessary need!  Each year there seems to be more items added to that list as technology improves some items or new ones become available or within my budget.

Before I leave home I have multiple destinations mapped out just in case.  I stock the coach as though I would not be coming back.  I have my mechanic go through the coach checking all fluids and system for leaks and levels etc.

My objective is to have an uneventful trip that I come back from with a smile on my face and fond memories in my heart.


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