The ride height is the setting for the air suspension on your chassis. If the ride heights are not set properly, two important factors are affected:

1.) The front ride height will change the front-axle caster settings. This can affect the handling of your coach on the highway and tire wear.

2.) The rear ride height will change the drive-shaft angles. Incorrect drive-shaft angles can cause driveline noise (vibration or a growling sound) and can cause premature wear of the u-joints on the driveline.

On XC chassis, the ride height should be checked at each scheduled maintenance interval. This is every six months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. We recommend you have ride heights checked at an authorized Freightliner dealer, or purchase a FCCC Workshop manual from an authorized dealer for proper ride height checking and setting information.

I recently had my coach weighed and the ride height setting came into question as it could effect how the coach drives and its weight is distributed.