in 2008 after a lot of research and thought and just plain tired of the lack of grip on the Non-Skip sections of the deck I have started to repaint them all (just the non-skip areas).  I chose a white paint and then slowly added some gray to it to get it to the color I wanted.
I used a paint that still allows the original pattern (burlap) to show through but has a very fine sand in it.  I like the look and the grip is incredible!
Starboard top deck w/line-organizer and new non-skid paint.
Lazerette - painted w/non-skid
Starboard Stern lazerette painted w/non-skid paint.
The first photo is of the Starboard Cabin top decking, it also shows the deck-organizer for all the lines on that side coming from the mast.  This allows me to perform almost any line adjustment from the safety and comfort of the cockpit.
The second shows the stern/port lazerette hatch which has been painted.



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