It was not necessary or really needed but it was another one of those "nice to have's".  To be honest I had a inkling that there was a small leak in the windows surround above the galley.  It was one of those leaks that I had been tracking down for 10 years and still not found it.  It only occurred under certain conditions and at certain times.  So in 2010 I began the project to replace the salon windows.
So the end all was that I found the maker of the windows was still in business and so I called him and he was local and came over a couple of days later and we had a great conversation during which I decided to put in oversized windows.  They were actually sized for  a much later model of Islander 36 not my 74 year.  But looking at the templates he bought with him I was convinced that they would fit and not look wrong.
A week later I had four new windows in hand and called my boat worker to come over and remove the old windows and install the new ones.  I doubt if anyone would notice the difference but I knew immediately that it was much brighter inside.
New Windows
New Windows - Port side - also stainless steel hand rail
New Stbd Windows
New Windows - Strbd - also new opening port hatch & stainless steel handrail

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