I got a very surprising but pleasant email in late April 2016.  From the new owners of Mouse Pad!  Go figure!

It turns out that the young family I sold Mouse Pad to in 2013 did fix her up and go cruising.  They got as far as San Carlos in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico just around the corner from Cabo San Lucas.  Decided that the sailing and or cruising life was not for them.

They had Mouse Pad prepared for sale and had her put on the hard.  There she sat for over a year then the current owners saw her and decided that she was for them.  They purchased Mouse Pad, for a great price, and are now planning on a clean and brush up to see what is needed to get her sea worthy again.  Then they plan on cruising her in the Sea of Cortex for a year or so then maybe another Milk run crossing.  Time will tell on that one.

I took a look at the photos the broker had published of Mouse Pad and for all intense and purposes there is nothing any different from when I sold her back in 2013.

I did advise the new owners then and will do the same with this guys that she really needs to get a new auto-pilot that is one size up from this one.  This one would be a great back-up system.

I have emailed with Casey & Scottie, the new owners, a couple of times and they sound very enthusiastic about her. 

I figure a new auto-pilot, new running rigging, a good 4 coats of bottom paint, and she is ready to go again.

It is now May 1st 2016... more to come... I hope!



I get a phone call from Casey letting me know that the hurricane that hit the Mexican peninsular in late 2016 also struck San Carlos and hard. It took several of the boats at the boat yard out, sadly including Mouse Pad. I got rather upset with this news then he told me they had not insured Mouse Pad and so she was being broken up for salvage. Casey & Scott were nice enough to salvage the good old Kenwood HF radio I purchased in Tahiti from an old American Ham who was now living in Tahiti.