Then came the big search for a newer rig.  It took well over 4 months of looking and searching everywhere from the Canadian border down the west coast and across to Texas.  I was fortunate that my mechanic was not just a car mechanic but a diesel mechanic too.  He had agreed to fly out to where ever the coach is inspect it and if it's okay help me drive it back or fly him home and I would drive it back to Ventura.

I finally decided on a whittled down list of features that I must have and a few nice-to-haves.  Now all I had to do was find the perfect coach and a good price... on goes the search all over.  I was spending upwards of 8 hours per day searching and reading and sending emails for more photos.  Well after loosing 4 or 5 coaches because I was asking too many questions and wanting too many photos I got frustrated and said the next one that has it all I am going to  jump on.  It turned out that the next coach was only in Sacramento, Ca.  A mear 6 hour drive from here!  What a steal!  I did get a few more details photos of the coach then I called Jessie, my mechanic, and the three of us jumped into Anne's car and headed North.  That was on Saturday, we spent the night in a hotel not far from where the coach was supposed to be.  We got up Sunday morning had breakfast and headed out to find the illusive coach.  To cut a long story short... we test drove it, Jessie checked it out underneath, Ann and I checked out the interior and after some haggling I had got the price down from $35k to $27k.  We were all happy and Jessie and I started the long haul back to Ventura with Anne in her car.  We did some trading off of driving in both the car and coach on the way back.

I was now the proud owner of a 1997 Class-A 36ft Fleetwood Discovery 36RS motor-home, that was fully loaded, as far as we were concerned.  It had everything from the kitchen sink to the shower and microwave to the washer-dryer combo in the bathroom. 

A new chapter and adventure was about to begin and I couldn't be happier.

Posted by Phillip Seaman Monday, April 6, 2015 9:24:00 AM
(c) 2012-2016 Phillip J. Seaman


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