Car Criteria

When I first approached this project, having a classic car, I sat down with Jessie Verdun and gave him my basic criteria and reasons.

  1. 20 mpg or better
  2. Fuel injected
  3. Computerized system
  4. Manual transmission

My Reasons were and still are:

  1. Decent fuel economy -  20 M.P.G. or better.
  2. We have friends in New Mexico and Arizona and we like to visit them in the coach.  Both of which locations have higher altitudes (5,000 to 7,000 ft. above sea level).  I did not want to have to mess with a 4 barrel carberetta ever five minutes because we are gone higher or lower.  The solution for this is the fuel injection and computer system to automatically adjust the timing and fuel mixture to our altitude.
  3. Towing behind the coach requires a manual transmission.  Which was the whole cause of this long drawn out effort and cost of having a cool classic car!  I bought a really nice late model Jaguar Convertible that was in almost perfect condition... then Jessie blew my bubble and told me it's an automatic!  You can't tow a car with an automatic transmission... so I sold the Jaguar and started this long drawn out adventure into Classic Car Ownership!

I after a year of building the car and about 2 months of driving it around town with incredibly low mileage.  With a low of 7mpg to a high of 13 mpg  I thought it was time to see what I could truly expect.  The results are disappointedly shown below.

Individual MPG Estimates

Vehicle List

DISCLAIMER: Average user estimates are based on data from My MPG users rather than official sources. Since the source data cannot be verified, neither DOE nor EPA guarantees the accuracy of these estimates.

1993 Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD

1993 Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD

6 Cylinder, 4.0 Liter, Manual 5-spd

Average MPG=19.4, EPA City=16 MPG, EPA Highway=22 MPG, EPA Combined=18 MPG
Number of Vehicles: 3
Average User MPG: 19.4
Range: 18 - 21 MPG
Updated On: 08/10/2015
  Average MPG State Driving Conditions Estimate Last Updated
Stop & Go Highway
1 20.7 UT     03/26/2009
2 17.5 CO 60% 40% 05/09/2009
3 20.2 UT 90% 10% 05/15/2009
Data source courtesy
Posted by Phillip Seaman Saturday, August 15, 2015 1:17:00 PM
(c) 2014-2016 Phillip J. Seaman
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This is the story behind how I found stripped, rebuilt, tested and drove my first Classic Car.  Some of it might be interesting while other parts just plain boring.  Sorry but that goes with the territory of building and owning a classic car.  A lot of hurry up and wait...
The first stage, mechanical, took exactly a year to the week to get from towing in an empty shell to driving it out onto the road with brakes working.
The second stage on the project took a lot less time.  It only took 4 weeks to get the bodywork and paint completed.  Of course it took me several weeks of hunting to find and get all the bits and pieces together before I booked the time at Diego's shop (Affordable Collision Center).  He promised me a 4 week time span... I made him sign a contract to that effect with a penalty of $100 per day over the 30 day period.


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It is now Sunday, 16th August, 2015

The car goes into Diego's tomorrow morning at 10am.... it will be a long 30 day wait!