What you are about to read is a journal of my personal experiences in retirement.  Some are good, some are bad, some are absolutely marvelous, and some are just damned ugly.  Never the less for the most part life in retirement is good.

and so it starts...

Let me start by giving you a little bit of history as to how I became retired.  I had been a professional computer programmer for too many years.  All the stresses of deadlines and demands in creating new tools and software that had never been done before got to me in the end.  My first heart attack was a massive event with 2 arteries 90% blocked and another 80% blockage on December 28th 2004.  While recovering in ICU I had a minor stoke.  I was not aware of the stroke until a visit to the neurologist about a month later when he told me of the event.  I still did not think anything of it and soon went back to work.  That attack was followed by another in August 2005.  The next four years brought on one heart attack after another.  This totaled 8 stents inserted into my arteries to clear the blockages.  Finally in 2009 I was forced to retire from the wonderful world of computers and the stresses of business life.   The heart attacks didn't stop of course, they continued and in late 2009 I had triple by-pass open heart surgery.  The surgeons were going to do the fourth smaller artery but it was too difficult to get to and the risk was too great.  By now I was starting to come to the realization that the stroke was not such an insignificant blow to my brain and its ability to remember and process things as I had earlier thought.  That is how I fell into early retirement.

With all that behind me now and no real issues since the surgery.  Life, medically, has improved.  At that time I did not feel so tied to doctors nor the need to run for a daily trip to the pharmacy to any of the 20 odd prescriptions I was taking daily.

Inside coach with laptop!So now what do I do with my time?  How do I occupy my brain to keep myself from withering way into dust?  That is what these pages here are all about.  What you are going to read is my exploits into different avenues or adventures that I either didn't have time for, or could not do before.  There are those new things I can do now that I couldn't or didn't think of before.

The world used to be a place of compromises and priorities, now my world is open to new experiences and time. (I tried to use the word TARDIS but couldn't fit it in the sentence)

Then why am I always behind my laptop?