That was the beginning of me becoming an owner of a classic car.  I told Jessie that I wanted to be a part of the build and do as much as I possibly could.  Remembering my limitations, "I was NOT a mechanic", and after all my heart issues I was not as physically able or strong as I would like to or used to be. 

Falcon logoWe agreed on a price for the car.  Oh I forgot to tell you how I found an engine and transmission for the Falcon.  I told Jessie that I would prefer a V6 over a V8 as I had designs on it being my daily driver and wanted to try and be a little gas conscious.  I wanted a V6 with fuel injection, and a computer to manage the engine.  Knowing that I would be towing the car behind the coach I would be stopping in Arizona and New Mexico a lot and that meant altitude and a carburetta would need constant adjustment... no thanks... hence the computer and fuel injection.  Problem solved!  Back to where the power train came from.  Jessi and I had been looking everywhere for a used or re-built engine with manual tranny but nothing was coming forward... at least nothing that was local or was a decent price... Jessie had what I call a "brain fart" after he had just hung up from a friend who offered him a racing V8 with automatic transmission to which he said no because we needed a manual tranny.  On came the brain fart... he said "What am I thinking of... I have a 1993 Ford Ranger with a really good V6 and manual transmission and computer and fuel injection."  "Where?" I said... "follow me..." we went outside and there it was tucked in the back row of cars a '93 Ranger with a rusted out roof but perfectly good power train.

That was the beginning of my foray into being a classic car owner and part builder. 

Look ma no engine!
Look "ma" no engine!

An empty compartment
An empty compartment.

Posted by Phillip Seaman Monday, April 6, 2015 3:53:00 PM Categories: 1962 Ford Falcon Classic Car First Car No Engine Original Condition
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This is the story behind how I found stripped, rebuilt, tested and drove my first Classic Car.  Some of it might be interesting while other parts just plain boring.  Sorry but that goes with the territory of building and owning a classic car.  A lot of hurry up and wait...
The first stage, mechanical, took exactly a year to the week to get from towing in an empty shell to driving it out onto the road with brakes working.
The second stage on the project took a lot less time.  It only took 4 weeks to get the bodywork and paint completed.  Of course it took me several weeks of hunting to find and get all the bits and pieces together before I booked the time at Diego's shop (Affordable Collision Center).  He promised me a 4 week time span... I made him sign a contract to that effect with a penalty of $100 per day over the 30 day period.


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It is now Sunday, 16th August, 2015

The car goes into Diego's tomorrow morning at 10am.... it will be a long 30 day wait!