Well after a reasonably problem free second week we are now planning our trip back home to Ventura.


The weather has been great not too hot or too cold.  I did rain a  bit yesterday which  washed the coach and car.  We got a couple of tasks completed this week.  The other night someone drive over the water pipes and broke them.  It cause the entire park to be without fresh water for a few hours at night.  With no city water I turned on the fresh water pump and guess what…  it didn’t work!  I found out that the fresh water pump on the coach had gone bad, so we had no water till the morning when the parks water system got fixed.  I could not read the model number off the pump as it was sideways (of course) and not readable.  So I made use of the information I learned from one of the seminars which was to call Fleetwood and give then my FIN# and they immediately gave me the specifications including model number.  Armed with that I called a mechanic and Anne went to the local RV parts store and picked up a replacement… FIXED!


The second problem was that one of the curtain valances with curtain track was coming out of the ceiling.  This one I could do myself… I found the local hardware store and picked up a small pack of 3in wood screws.  That problem is now… FIXED!


2 for 2 Whew that is an all-time high for me, until one falls apart again J.


I am going to talk to the guys with the “Progressive” power monitoring system this morning and if I can get the price I want I’ll purchase it.   It is a much better system than Camping World’s Surge protection system.  They might even install it too!


Not a bad trip when you consider that in the first week here I purchased and had installed the new air-filter and muffler.  Now these two other problems are resolved.  I am not sure if I am whittling away at the existing issues with the coach or new ones are actually cropping up or things breaking.  But it does seem that every time I turn around something else is busted!  Maybe it has something to do with the lack of use or age at this time.  But whatever it is it’s really starting to get to me.


When I get back I have to figure out what to do with the ZTV system on the coach as I have everything on the front TV, DVD only on the outside TV and DVD & Satellite only on the bedroom TV.  The problem is that every time I was to use the bedroom TV on satellite I have to call it in, very frustrating.  Then I have to figure out how to get some sort of signal to the outside TV?  I am almost at the point of ditching the bedroom satellite connection as it costs and never works when I want it.  After talking to the local satellite guy here there are better solutions but I couldn’t get him to tell all.


We are going to split the 400 mile trip back into two segments.  The first will be tomorrow, Sunday, when we pack up here go to a local truck stop and fuel up then drive about 150 miles to a state park at Lake Cahuilla, it’s in the Palm Springs area.  Then Monday leave there by 10:30 and drive the worst 200 miles known to mankind back to Ventura.

Posted by Phillip Seaman Sunday, April 17, 2016 8:24:00 AM Categories: Adventures FCCC/FCOC FMA Motor-Home Rally RV Park Travel Tip Ventura, Ca. Yuma, Az.
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This blog is all about my travels in the year 2016 and what it took to prepare my coach for the trips ahead, long or short.  I am a very pro-active person and will spend a lot of time and effort on making sure that when I leave on a trip no matter how long or short that not only is the coach but I am ready for any eventuality.

I have had the coach modified/upgraded over the last 3 years with all the luxuries that I want to make my trip(s) as comfortable as I want, not necessary need!  Each year there seems to be more items added to that list as technology improves some items or new ones become available or within my budget.

Before I leave home I have multiple destinations mapped out just in case.  I stock the coach as though I would not be coming back.  I have my mechanic go through the coach checking all fluids and system for leaks and levels etc.

My objective is to have an uneventful trip that I come back from with a smile on my face and fond memories in my heart.


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