What's the next best thing to cruising the Pacific Ocean in my boat Mouse Pad?

Cruising the highways & byways of the USA in a Land Yacht Mouse Pad II!


Welcome to my new lifestyle as the not so rich and not at all famous RV adventures in my 1997 36ft Fleetwood Discovery 36RS class-A motor-home... Mouse Pad II of course.

My 1st motor-home   My 2nd (current) motor-home


When did it start this RV thing?  Well it all started a couple of years ago when Kathleen, Anne's daughter, was about to get married... in the middle of nowhere!  Kathleen & Patrick had picked a remote camp site out near Solvang, Ca. called Live Oak Campgrounds, to get married at.  Anne said there is no way that the girls could get all dolled up without a proper bathroom and shower... Since a tent wasn't going to cut the mustard the job of renting an RV for a few days fell on my shoulders.  At first it didn't seem like such a bad task or that it would be that expensive, little did I know!  I found a couple of local rental places that seemed reasonable... then the shock arrived.  With all the bridesmaids and bride and mothers a camper was not going to do the job, it was quickly growing a full blown motor-home with a huge water storage not to mention the grey and black water storage for a week up there.  Then a bigger eye opener awaited me on final costing... The rental cost was for just the camper and the camper only... it didn't include bedding, cutlery, china-ware, glassware bedding, towels, etc. etc. etc... on top of that was the return costs for the cleaning and dumping fee for all that crap.  Let alone the cost of fuel!  It was starting to add up to well over $1,000 per day and I started to do the math... $5-6k to rent an RV for a few days... damn!  I can buy one for less.  So I went on the prowl through Craig's List and found a 34ft Winnebago for $5k...  I called we went over to see it and low and behold it even had a full bathtub!  That made Anne even happier.  What a treat... I offered the guy $4k and 5 minutes later I was driving it down the road with the pink slip in my pocket.  It wasn't till later, after the wedding was over, that I found out about the terrible mistake I had made.


Moe Saves the Day

That was how it all started.  Needless to say the wedding was a huge success, the RV saved the day.  As was my hairdresser, Maureen "Moe", who made a special trip out to the camp site with her husband David and ended up doing not only Kathleen's hair but Anne's too and a couple of the bridesmaids as well.  Everyone was happy as a lamb at spring time.  Moe has been my hairdresser for about 20 years now.  When we first met she was fresh out of beautician school and I think I was her first real customer.  I have been following her from salon to salon ever since.  Moe is now happily married to a great guy, David, and they have two wonderful kids Skyler and Nicky.  I never tire in visiting at her home salon and seeing her family grow.  Such good people.

Thanks Moe I owe you for that to this day. (if you are ever in Moorpark, Ca. and need a great haircut please give her a call)

That was the beginning of a long trail of starts and stops with that motor-home.  It was full of things wrong with it. Well it was 20 years old and pretty worn out.  The big thing was that the gray water tank leaked and after a couple of go arounds it would not stay plugged.  A new tank was not available any longer so it was time to get rid of the whole rig.  Bad move buying such an old rig as I couldn't even give it away... well in fact that is exactly what we did in the end.  We gave it away to one of Danny's band members.  (Danny is Anne's son.)

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