After the car had been sitting for a few weeks and the engine re-work was completed the big effort went into stuffing the new engine into that small space!  That was an easy task... or so we all thought... What we had all failed to notice was that the original engine had a rear oil pan and this new engine had a forward pan.  And there was no conversion pan available.  So this was going got require a bit of re-designing of the steering system.  No it was going to need a COMPLETE re0design on the steering system and the brake system.  Which of course led to a whole new set of problems we had not considered in our original plan.  There was no way round putting in a completely new rack & pinion system... I was going to get power steering even  thought I had not budgeted for it.

Oh, yes we did have a budget when we started, we also had a time line... $5,000.00 parts and labor, and a 2-4 week build time.  We were already into week 6 and I started to see a pattern appear here.  We had a task, that would produce three problems and no ready solutions!  hmmm... tasks producing three problems... I hope this isn't a real pattern developing!

Posted by Phillip Seaman Monday, April 6, 2015 1:00:00 PM Categories: First Car Fit! Mechanic
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This is the story behind how I found stripped, rebuilt, tested and drove my first Classic Car.  Some of it might be interesting while other parts just plain boring.  Sorry but that goes with the territory of building and owning a classic car.  A lot of hurry up and wait...
The first stage, mechanical, took exactly a year to the week to get from towing in an empty shell to driving it out onto the road with brakes working.
The second stage on the project took a lot less time.  It only took 4 weeks to get the bodywork and paint completed.  Of course it took me several weeks of hunting to find and get all the bits and pieces together before I booked the time at Diego's shop (Affordable Collision Center).  He promised me a 4 week time span... I made him sign a contract to that effect with a penalty of $100 per day over the 30 day period.


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It is now Sunday, 16th August, 2015

The car goes into Diego's tomorrow morning at 10am.... it will be a long 30 day wait!