To cut a very long story short here are the set backs that have caused the delays.  I have tried to keep them in the order that they were found as best I can:

  • Engine Mounts
  • Exhaust manifolds customized & powder coated
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Cut floor for transmission shifter
  • Install Clutch pedal assembly & master cylinder
  • Move foot brake pedal
  • New foot brake master cylinder
  • Replace all 4 wheel brake cylinders and new pads (drum brakes)
  • Custom build Drive Shaft
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Tank
  • All new fuel lines
  • Design & fabricate exhaust system (MagnaFlow muffler)
  • Air Filter & assembly (designed & built by Jessie)
  • Rear brake cables (2 of)
  • Wheel Rims
  • Tires
  • Front Shocks
  • Rear Shocks
  • Front Springs
  • Drive Shaft
  • Rear Springs
  • Add Booster to brakes
  • Steering Fluid Leak
  • Hand Brake (e-Brake to some)

As everything is new and not original to this car it was all custom designed and built by Jessie Verdun. 

A lot of time and effort has gone into this car and is yet to be completed.  As of this writing the car is in the tire shop, been there for 4 days now, getting the rims changed round, the faux rubber white wall inserts installed, and an alignment.  Real white wall tires were way too expensive for me and I was lucky enough to find a place in Turkey that manufactures faux rubber white walls for 14in rims.  Not sure how well they will work, only time will tell.  I am hopeful that on Monday I will get to Jessie's shop and the car will be back from the tire shop and I can see what is happening to it.

The tire shop could not complete the alignments because of the small rims and large tires.  So I had to take the car to a specialists hot rod shop to an alignment.   I waited and watched as the poor kid doing the alignment went back and forth adjusting this and that (I have no idea what).  I took him all of 3 1/2 hours and he still wasn't happy with it.

At this time the only thing that is stopping me from driving the car is finishing the floor panel over the transmission, and a small bracket for the new brake pedal.  Then I should be able to start driving it and letting it settle into the new springs and shocks etc.  After a couple of weeks of driving Jessie and I can take good look at it and decide on the final ride height etc. 

Then after any changes I should be able to bring the car home and drive it and start working on the interior and thinking about the exterior and checking out new body work shops.

Posted by Phillip Seaman Sunday, April 5, 2015 10:23:00 PM Categories: Failures Mechanic Original Condition Set-Backs
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This is the story behind how I found stripped, rebuilt, tested and drove my first Classic Car.  Some of it might be interesting while other parts just plain boring.  Sorry but that goes with the territory of building and owning a classic car.  A lot of hurry up and wait...
The first stage, mechanical, took exactly a year to the week to get from towing in an empty shell to driving it out onto the road with brakes working.
The second stage on the project took a lot less time.  It only took 4 weeks to get the bodywork and paint completed.  Of course it took me several weeks of hunting to find and get all the bits and pieces together before I booked the time at Diego's shop (Affordable Collision Center).  He promised me a 4 week time span... I made him sign a contract to that effect with a penalty of $100 per day over the 30 day period.


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It is now Sunday, 16th August, 2015

The car goes into Diego's tomorrow morning at 10am.... it will be a long 30 day wait!