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Cruise 97

In the weeks and months to come you can follow Mouse Pad's adventures as she cruises the South Pacific. Come along with her crew, Phill the Skipper and Jerry the 1st (& best) Mate. (Whoever said the having a woman on board would make the ship jealous, was dead wrong I think they get along great!) Read about the wonderful times spent over the next year at the helm of Mouse Pad in some of the most exotic and romantic places on earth.

We will be including photos of some of the people and places we visit along the way. We hope to include pictures and a few facts about some of the other cruisers we will meet up with also.

The site will be updated as often as we possibly can. We are doing this for the fun of it, this site is by no means a money making site. In fact I paid for the whole thing myself. We do not solicit funds for it's use nor do we advertise any companies here. We are not sponsored, as yet (hint hint West Marine), by any of the companies that got all my money before we started this little adventure we call Cruise 97. Although it would be nice to have a sponsor for whom we could test new equipment and products. This would also help us to cruise to more far off places and bring new and exciting pages to the world.

We hope that you will enjoy the information and pictures we send back, and that you will tell your friends to check in every now and then, and don't forget to fill in the guest register (when I complete it). It will help us know if anyone else enjoys sailing as much as we do. Including the armchair cruisers.

Jerry will be writing the Journal and I will be filling in the Ships Log for you. The other stuff will be a combination of both of our efforts and time etc.


NOTE: For more information on this site, Mouse Pad, or her crew, please send your requests to webmaster@MousePad.org , we will get back to you as soon as we can. It may take some time to pick up our email and respond, as we can only "get connected" when we are in a port of call. So, please do not get despondent if you don't get a reply as quickly as you might like, you see we are cruising the great South Pacific Ocean!


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