Having a new mast made with all internal lines after the bridge incident back in 2000.  I quickly began to realize that I needed to change the boom to internal lines too.  That was a decision I was not going to regret so in 2010 the project started. 
I could not afford a new boom so I started to put out the word that I was looking for a boom that has internal line handling.  I got a lucky break when my rigger called me and said he a customer who was putting a new boom on his boat and was going to get rid of his old one.  I rushed over and got the boom and all its attachments for $200... a steal!
A month later the rigger had modified the boom to fit Mouse Pad.  It had to be cut down as it was about 18 inch too long and the gooseneck needed some slight adjustments.  It was working perfectly and made the whole boat look much more modern and clean looking... I loved it!
New Boom
Inboard end of the new Isomat boom
Isomat Boom
Main sheet and boom vang attachments
Boom - Outboard end
Outboard end of boom

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