We are building these pages to keep our friends and family current on what's happening on Cruise 97. We will attempt to organize it so you can move around to any topic or part of the trip that interests you the most. If you have already read part of the journal during one of your prior visits to the web site, skip to those pages that are new. We also have benefit of a digital camera on board. This allows us to be somewhat wasteful in the number of pictures we take. It also increases the odds of getting better pictures to share with you. We will put some in the actual journal but we will also be building a more complete photo album for your perusal.

Unfortunately Jerry is no longer a member of Mouse Pad's crew and has decided to go it on her own and returned to land.  I encourage her ,and all of you reading this to write to her and plead with her ,to write more articles for the site.  Jerry's unique perspective was invaluable to me, and to women considering cruising.  Us men can learn a lesson or two from reading these pages.

I will continue to publish them un-edited and without comment.  These are Jerry's pages and will remain forever hers.




NOTE: Comments and suggestions should be sent to Jerry Reese, Council Bluffs, IA.


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