Must Have Books & Software
These books are a must for any armchair, potential, or preparing cruiser. Without most of these books on hand you will never be able to prepare or follow your route around the world.
I have also listed some useful software titles that I have found invaluable. This is not a complete listing of software as it is too expensive for my budget to buy all of them. But of those I have purchased these are the ones I recommend. I have also listed the few that I found to be a total waist of time and money. They were either not as advertised or not at all user friendly. As you can imagine as a programmer for the past 10+ year I can figure a programme out pretty quickly. So, if I have trouble with it you can guess what sort of fun you would have.
World Cruising Routes
Jimmy Cornell
International Marine
Landfalls of Paradise
Earl R. Hinz
University of Hawaii Press
Cruising Guide to Tahiti & the French Society Islands
Marcia Davock
Wescott Cove Publishing Co.
Cruising Under Sail
Eric Hiscock
International Marine Publishing
Where there Is no Doctor
David Werner
The Hesperian Foundation
Mahina Tiare
Barbara Marrett & John Neal
Pacific International Publishing
Blue Water Handbook
Steve & Linda Dashew
Beowulf Publishing Group
Ocean Cruising On A Budget
Anne Hammick
International Marine Publishing
Passport to World Band Radio
International Broadcast Services Ltd.
Circumnavigation: Sail the Trade Winds
Sue Moesly
Wescott Cove Publishing Co
World Cruising Handbook
Jimmy Cornell
International Marine
Charlie's Charts
Charles E. Wood
Polymath Energy Consultants Ltd.
Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit
Tony Wheeler & Jean-Bernard Carillet
Lonely Planet Publications
South Pacific Handbook
David Stanley
Moon Publications
Landfall Legalese
Alan E. Spears
Paradise City Publications
Dottie Haynes
Goldberry Publishing
Resolution Mapping Inc.
WeatherFax for Windows
Visual Passage Planner
Digital Wave
Nav Master
Main Course Productions
P. Seaman/Mouse Pad

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