Here is a small but important update to the Dodger/Cockpit... Line Hanging Organizers.
From almost the time I left California on Cruise '97 I wanted to have some place other than the cabin top to store all the lines (now exceeding 20) which are run back to the cockpit. 
Hangers, simple but an easily forgotten project.
Finally completed it gives me the cabin top back to place other items or just not have to open and dump below all the lazy ends.  If a line is not used it just hangs there organized and out of the way until I do need it.  Each line is also much easier to find and open or coil and hang without having to dig for it and make a bigger mess.
Line Hangers
Port under-way line-hangers
Line Hangers
Starboard under-way line-hangers
The two pictures above are of the "at anchor" line hangers, one on each sire of the cockpit to keep the cabin top clean and tidy.  You have to have somewhere to put your drink!
The two hand rails pictured below are there NOT as hand rails but as Line Hangers for when I am underway.    
Port side under-way line-hangers
Post side under-way line-hanger
Starboard under-way Line-Hangers
Starboard side under-way line-hanger
I have also added much needed Under-way line hangers/organizers.  These hand rails are a great addition for when I am under way.  I can now leave the unused lines tied and just move them from the cockpit hanger to this companion-way rail.  It drastically reduces the mess of having all the lines piled up down below on the floor making a great tripping place and not easily able to find the line I need in a hurry.  (the cockpit line hangers are good for at anchor but under way they do get in the way of the winch handle)

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