Our Visit With King Neptune

May 31, 1997 (Saturday)

We officially crossed the equator at 02:56 (Zulu) on Saturday, May 31. We had decided to salute King Neptune with champagne. As we crossed the equator we apologized to King Neptune and decided to not open the champagne. We have a policy to not drink alcoholic beverages while under sail. We promised King Neptune to show our respects some other time while we were safely anchored in a port. We did however make it standard practice to perform a daily ritual of fantasizing spectacular desserts at the end of each day's dinner meal. We often discussed openly the affect that the Cheesecake Factory's desserts have on you and how wonderful they would taste at sea. Our grand finale was to open one of the packets of freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches that we brought along. As it turned out, we could only face these treats once. We evidently have not yet acquired a taste for them. We plan to mail them back home so the grandkids can enjoy them instead.

We had read so many accountings of outlandish things that cruisers do when they cross the equator. We asked ourselves where they got the energy to perform these outrageous acts, etc.. By the time we got to the equator we were exhausted and wanted nothing more than to have a decent night's sleep and a well-balanced meal.


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