Battery Banks

On the last adventure, Cruise '97, I lost one pair (bank) of 6 volt batteries by the time I got to the Society Islands.  Leaving me with only one pair of batteries for house power, reducing me to only 220 amps. Plus the engine bank of two 31's for engine and windless.


I have added a third pair of 6 volt batteries which b rings my total up to almost 700 amps of house power.  Plus the engine/windless bank for safety.


I had a tough time trying to find a place for this third bank... the first is under the steps (original) and replaced the 12 volt ones perfectly... the second bank is in the stern/port lazerette (under the seat) and still left room for tool boxes and other small stuff... the third now resides under the port salon sofa seat just a-stern of the water tank.  I was still able to get the nuts & bolts box and a couple of other storage boxes in there along with the ships flag compliment.


(pictures to follow)


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