Propane is the choice.

I had an alcohol stove on Mouse Pad when I got her and knew immediately it had to go!   Alcohol is difficult to light, you have to go through the preheat process then it only has a temperature of about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is dangerous to use in rough seas.  And because of the abuse factor, yes people do drink the stuff in the islands, it is hard to find in some countries and when you do find it the price is outrageous. I did keep an eye out for it while we were cruising and only saw it in a couple of places.   That would require a large amount being carried with you.  Very dangerous.

Propane or butane or Coleman gas is found everywhere and in plentiful supply and cheaply priced. The propane flame is instant heat with a burning temperature of over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. Much more efficient.



Tank Pressure:

Beware that in America your tank will be pressure filled, giving you a pressure level of about 150 pounds when full. This lasted us over four months of continuos daily use. While in the South Pacific your tank will be gravity filled, giving you a pressure of only about 50 pounds. We have been using it for over a month with no sign of running out yet! Keep an eye out here to find out how long it really lasts! The weight of your tank will be about the same though.  -  The tank ended up lasting about 3-4 months.




Universal adapters were a serious thought before we left California. Now that we are here it doesn't pose the same problems. We just give them our tank and they gave it back filled. No problems!

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