There are two main methods of generating cold:

  1. The compressor that attaches to the engine and charges a cooling system that stores the cold in a plate to be used over the hours. This will require the running of your engine at least once a day to keep the system charged.
  2. Then there is the all electrical system that runs continuously off your batteries.  It runs exactly like your home refrigerator from a thermostat that turns the compressor on and off as needed.  In California that was about 10 minutes in every hour.  Once we got further south that went up to about 20 - 25 minutes in every hour.

We looked at the space, or lack of, that surrounded the engine.  End of story, there wasn't room for a compressor.  It would have required a complete rebuild of the engine compartment and somehow adding another belt to the system.  All we had to do now was look at the different models.  I knew it had to be a modular system to fit in different cubby holes on Mouse Pad.  That narrowed it down to a few brands and models.  


The final decision was based on all the previous information and the best deal we could make at the boat show.  We did the usual "What's your best price?".... then move to another booth offering the same model and...."the other booth will give us that model for xxx dollars, Will you better that?"... then back to the first booth.  And so on, until we got the best possible price.   We did so well, the company even installed it for us for one low price.


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