The Cruiser / Armchair Cruiser

This is a list of sites that we found informative and useful in getting Mouse Pad ready to cruise Southern California and now The South Pacific. We hope that you "young pups" and "salty old dogs" will find some new ideas and products in your ongoing effort to get your boat ready for your dream cruise.

From our experience we found the use of some of these companies, as use you must, to be a budget buster. Unfortunately the old saying "A boat is just a hole in the water in which to throw your money" is very true. Getting a boat ready for cruising IS very expensive. Even when you think you have it all you must go on a shakedown cruise. While you are out you will find some of the things you have designed wrong and some you forgot or didn't know about. When you get back you start your list of projects all over again. When you actually leave for your cruise, as leave you must, you will will find that you forgot something or didn't design enough of this or that. What you must do is make you vessel seaworthy and read every thing you can about cruising and the areas of the world you will be visiting, plan well, try to consult with others who have been cruising.... THEN GO. Do not wait until the boat is 100% ready. As any cruiser out here will tell you "the boat is never 100% ready". Ready is a subjective word. I have been told by some old salts that "any boat straight off the production line could be ready for a cruise it's the people who are not read". They are just about right. It is "we" who are not ready, we need hot water, we need a water maker, we need 110v ac on demand, we need ......... The list goes on. What the boat needs is a good sailor who knows how to navigate and take care of her.

These were our most used links.