This was not on our original list of needs.  But after going to the Long Beach Boat Show year after year and seeing the price come down each time, we decided at the last minute to go for it.  We knew it wasn't required, but I had the extra cash since we were leaving later than originally planned.

The Little Wonder from Offshore Marine has been one of the best and most reliable items on "Mouse Pad".  We have only taken on water on two occasions during the trip.   Neither were necessary, but just plain easier. 

The Little Wonder has two models, the "all in one" unit and the "modular" unit.  Both are identical in price, performance, etc..  We went for the modular unit so we could distribute the pieces throughout "Mouse Pad" because of space.  It turned out that the initial pump and pre-filter units went under the sink in the head.   It was then plumbed to the engine compartment where the compressor sat, behind the engine but under the fuel tank and water heater.  The membrane was installed in the quarter berth along with it's gauges.  We could monitor it easily from there. 

It produces approximately four to five gallons per hour at approximately 15 Amps.  We only run it while the engine is running.  This works well for us.  We can set a schedule to charge the batteries, take showers (with hot water, rarely needed), then make water.  The Little Wonder is quite a wonder!


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