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US Visa Declined/Married Twice

During this period of working for Sundance Lighting I was struck with a big blow from the INS.  They declined to extend my work visa and gave me 14 days to pack-up and get out of the country.  No end of arguing or discussion would budge their minds.  I immediately went back to the Jim's office to talk to him about the situation.  We called the companies lawyer who advised to hire an immigration lawyer, and gave me a name and number.  Within an hour I had hired an immigration lawyer and a possible solution to my dilemma.

Jim stuck his head out the window and shouted out asking all the girls if anyone would marry Phill to keep him in the country?  One answered YES!  It was Joe's long time girlfriend.  After a long conversation with the lawyer the next morning we flew to Las Vegas, grabbed a cab to an instant marriage shop, for the want of a better name.  we were married then jumped back into the same cab for a trip back to the airport.  I flew on to Connecticut to start a Frank Zappa tour and she flew back to LA.  The lawyer did his thing and I was now safe to stay in the country.  Less than a year later I was on another tour and was introduced to who was to become my wife, Boo (Barbara) from Somerville, Boston, Mass.  The lawyer again did his thing and got the first marriage annulled and I was free to marry Boo. 

Boo was a cute 5ft nothing 98lb bundle of cuddles, she had a great figure and we had a good thing going.  Of course being on the road I managed to screw this good thing up.  I was having an affair with one of the back-ground singers with Donna Summer.  There was another side to our break up though.  In the mid to late 70's doctors were spouting that if women waited till past their late 20's to have children that the children would be deformed or mentally inhibited.  Not true at all but Boo believed it, and we had a long conversation about it and she wanted 3 kids and my argument on delaying having children was based on being raised without a father being around and how much it had my changed life, and not for the better. 

After a very short divorce period (45 days uncontested) in December of 1979 we were divorced.  We made it quicker by sitting down and writing up a complete list of every item we owned and listed them as to become mine or hers.  We even put colored dots, I think they were red and green dots.  We also sold our house in Woodland Hills, Ca. and paid off all our credit cards and debts.  Boo filed for irreconcilable differences which I di not contest.  With all the preparation  the courts could not find any reason to delay the process and it was done in 45 days.  That would never happen in todays "Me" society!

After a stint of living in Santa Monica by the beach, Boo went back to Boston and from what I heard she was happily married the guy I stole her away from and yes she had 3 children by him.  I am happy for her and regret screwing up a good thing, but I am not sure how I cold have got around the children thing, still like the freedom of no children.  I am the biggest kid you will find and in a lot of ways still living for the moment and not good at planning ahead.



Created by Phillip Seaman
Modified 11/13/2015