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What can I say about Alex, he was a genius, way ahead of his time musically.  He could grit better than AC/DC could even dream of.  His stage presents is of a raw Ziggy but when he stepped on stage he knew how to Rock and audience till they dropped.

I am proud to say that I was a "roadie" for Alex back in his early days when we were doing small 3rd floor club dates.  There was 2 of us and we drove this really beat up Ford Transit Econoline truck that was badly overloaded and if we got above 50mph it would start swaying from side to side always the time threatening to turn over.  I was with Alex for about a year back in 1972 it was hard work but a lot of fun.  I believe the other roadies name was Hamish and he loved his hash-hesh joints, never screw-up or got in the way of doing his gig.  We even had a road manager who doubled as sound engineer, sorry forget his name.  Hey don't know it this was a lifetime or two ago!

Let me introduce the band to you...

The band formed in 1972

 Alex Harvey - Lead Singer
(February 5, 1935, Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland; died February 4, 1982, Zeebrugge, Belgium)

Zal Cleminson - Guitar
(born May 4, 1949;  )

Hugh McKenna - Keyboard
(born November 28, 1949; )

Chris Glen - Bass
(born November 6, 1950, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland; )

 Ted McKenna - Drummer
 (born March 10, 1950, Glasgow, Scotland; )

The gigs were fast and furious, Alex had a good manger, based in London, who kept us working almost ever day, sometime two gigs a night.  It was a hard life for all as I was a London boy and the rest of the band was made up of Glaswegian (Glasgow) boys.  I was very lucky in making friends with the bass player, although everyone was very good to me, the foreign boy, and his wife who let me sleep on their couch when we were in Scotland, which was a lot of the time.  Although almost all out gigs were in England strangely enough!  I think I was making £5 per week, which was a lot for a young boy at that time.  But you have to remember we worked 7 days a week and almost 24 hours per day.

Whenever we got back to London, which was several times a week I took the van back to my parents house where we would end up spending most of the day repairing cases or putting broken wheels back on or running around to music shop picking up more drum sticks, or a valve for the organ, or strings for Zal's guitar.  Remember there was no Guitar Center to get everything in one place we had to go to one drum shop for sticks, another for skins, and yet another for cymbals.  The same was true for all our equipment, a lot of running around London or Glasgow.

The front line of Alex, Zal, and Chris's outrageous makeup and costumes not to mention antics on stage made for a really great non-stop show.

Front Line Trio

Chris, Alex, & Zal pushing the envelope...

I will add more as I remember more about my time with SAHB.


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