I remember that on most every island there was a Coke-a-Cola machine in someone's front yard.  It would be just next to their front door, or where a door would be if they had any, it was usually just a piece of cloth draped over a rod.  Anyway, there were Coke machines everywhere.  They only had three drink item, Coke, Orange soda, and Cherry soda.  Never anything different, and always well stocked. Although not as cold as you would find in the US they were cool and in 80 degree temperatures and high humidity some days, anything cool was a delight.

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Posted by PJS Tuesday, June 2, 2015 2:32:00 PM Categories: Drinks Free-Enterprise South Pacific
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I am not sure where these memories should fall with the context of any of my writings so as I they come to mind I will jot them down here and maybe some day they will make there way into the main body of work.  Until then please enjoy my ramblings...


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I hope you enjoyed reading these ramblings and will check back often as more little things come to mind and I jot them down here.