Fresh Fruit and comedic company:

This was a fun day for Jerry and me.  We sailed into Daniels bay, and even caught a fish on the way!  One of the few I was to catch.  It was one of the nicest and calmest bays we set our eyes on.  It was a long opening then a sharp right into the bay proper.  I good days sail from our last anchorage with an early safe place to stop for a couple of days.

There are two bay next to each other Chiefs Bay and Daniels Bay, the Chief was Daniels father!  We had read so much about the art and sculpture work of Daniel it had to be our anchorage.  Even though it was reported the Daniels Bay is loaded with "no-see-em's" flies that bite and Chiefs Bay was clear, it was Daniel who intrigued us and made the extra effort of putting the prescribed concoction of Off and Olive Oil and a couple of other natural things to keep the bugs from biting was worth the effort.

We took the books advice and anchored in the shady side of the bay nest to the mountain.  We then landed the dinghy in the middle of the bay's beach and waved at Daniel, he waved back but did not bacon us over.  So we walked off in the other direction where we had read there was ma wonderful waterfall a short walk inland.  After taking in the waterfall and other wonders of the local jungle forest it was mid afternoon and time to head back to the beach.  When we got back to the dinghy Daniel was at his front gate once again so we waved and this time he beckoned us over.

This was to be quite and adventure as Daniel only spoke Marquesian and a little French and we only spoke English and I tried to speak French along with the help of my pocket French phrase book and French dictionary and some hand gestures.  We were having a hilarious time with Daniel and his wife Yvonne.  Yvonne had cancer and had lost the use of her legs.  She pulled herself around with her hands and arms and got from the house to the porch, Daniel had long ago lost most of the use of his hands to crippling arthritis.  They were wonderful friendly people and we really enjoyed our time with them.  They offered us fresh squeezes lemonade made from the fruit of their grove out back.


The Yanks arrive:

After we had been there chatting with Daniel for a couple of hours another sail boat came into the bay and anchored.  We watched as they barely set their anchor and unceremoniously dumped their dinghy into the water.  They immediately jumped into the dinghy and headed for shore.  The couple in their mid fifties headed for shore and without hesitation aimed their dinghy straight for Daniels house.  This was to become a real experience on what not to do. 

The husband jumped out of the dinghy and without another thought headed straight fir Daniels house.  He walked straight through the gate and up to Daniel, this did not sit well with Daniel.  His privacy had been invaded.  We sat back at the table and let Daniel orchestrate one of our funniest afternoon adventures on the whole cruise.  Daniel got up and asked the man what he wanted, without hesitation the Yank pulled out his wallet and started to peel off dollar bills and asked if he could buy some fresh water.  (FYI - All the books told you NOT to come to Daniel until he beckons you in.)  This man was a fall back to the 70's & 80's American sailor stories that they just barge there way in and roll out the bills and expect to be able to buy anything.  It gave the American sailor a very bad reputation which I have to admit except for this man EVERY American was doing there very best to live down such a reputation and be really civil.


Torn Mail Sail:

There was one other sailboat that came into Daniels bay while we were there.  They were out of San Francisco, Ca. and had a badly torn seam line on there main sail.  While the husband was down below fixing something else the wife was on deck hand stitching the main back together.  We took pity on her we had taken a sail repair course before we left Marine del Rey, ca. and hand stitching is not an fun job.  at first she refused but we offered again and the use of our small generator to power it up.  She accepted and the next day they hauled the main up nicely fixed and ready to sail again.  They were still there with an engine that needed more repairs.


Spinnaker Halyard stuck aloft:

We had our own repairs to make as one of the spinnaker halyards was stuck at the mast head.  The bay was calm enough, or so we thought, so Jerry ground on the winch to take me up the mast to grab it and pull it back down.  The so called calm waters of the bay were calm enough when we were on the deck level but it is amazing how little it takes to sway you around when you are 30 to 40 feet in the air on a piece of string!  I got quite bounced around and by the time I came down I had a few extra bruises for the effort, but we did rescue the halyard.


Survivor TV Show Comes to the Bay:

Much to my dismay about three years after our visit to Daniel's Bay the TV show "Survivor" came to the bay and quickly destroyed the peaceful tranquility.  I got several emails from friends still sailing around and locals alike that the show dug s deep water channel into the bay (using dynamite) and parked an old Cruise Liner for the cast and crew to live on.  This ship had been used by the production company before is its effort to make it look like they were all alone on an island.  How easily the public are fooled with Realism TV! 

They paid off Daniel and his wife Yvonne to move to another part of the island for a year or so while they taped shows.  They pulled down Daniels home and built fake buildings that had nothing to do with the look and feel of South Pacific structures.  These were fantasies of the art director and looked more like it should be in the North Pacific in Hawaii at some large hotel.  What really got my goat going was that after they were finished they did nothing to restore the island to its original beauty.  They actually had the nerve to try and palm off the structure as part of the island history, just so they didn't have to pay someone and a ship to haul it all away.  Cheap bastards. 

I can honestly say that I never liked the program for its fakery in the first place but now I really hate the show and its producers for their lack of caring.



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I am not sure where these memories should fall with the context of any of my writings so as I they come to mind I will jot them down here and maybe some day they will make there way into the main body of work.  Until then please enjoy my ramblings...


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I hope you enjoyed reading these ramblings and will check back often as more little things come to mind and I jot them down here.