The Central Pacific Franc or CPF as it is known locally is the currency of the Central Pacific islanders, it has absolutely no value off the islands.  For travelers that means a loss when buying and selling the coins.  At the time it was worth far less than a US dollar.  I believe the exchange rate was about CPF$1.00 = US$0.70 so we had a reasonable return.

The CPF was not worth the paper or metal it was minted on outside of French Polynesia.  So it we had to spend everything we had on hand or be stuck with it as the banks would not honor the currency for exchange to another currency.  The CPF is now called the XPF!

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Posted by PJS Tuesday, June 2, 2015 2:37:00 PM Categories: CPF Currency French Polynesia Money
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I am not sure where these memories should fall with the context of any of my writings so as I they come to mind I will jot them down here and maybe some day they will make there way into the main body of work.  Until then please enjoy my ramblings...


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I hope you enjoyed reading these ramblings and will check back often as more little things come to mind and I jot them down here.